Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tons More Fantasy Art of Oblivion!

Hi Everyone!
We announced our Oblivion art pages a long while back. Since then, we've continued to add hundreds of pictures, including an extensive area of just a fraction of the places in Oblivion we've visited and stopped to take pictures of.
Here are the locations to date, but there's tons more content as well, including pictures of armour and a steadily increasing collection of male and female portraits.

Locations in the Original Game

Chorrol and Weynon Priory
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Imperial City Arcane University
Imperial City Arena District
Imperial City Elven Gardens District
Imperial City Green Emperor Way
Imperial City Prison District
Imperial City Market District
Imperial City Talos Plaza District
Imperial City Waterfront
Imperial County, City Isle
Imperial Prison Sewer
Imperial Substructure
Imperial Subterranean
Jail and Secret Passage (tutorial)
Lost Abagarlas
Natural Caves
the Painted World
Sideways Cave

Places introduced by Mods

Apachii Goddess Store
Hoarfrost Castle
Verona Bay (Verona House Bloodlines mod)

The Ayleid Steps
Lost Ruin
Lost Ruin Substructure
Lost Ruin - Lost Labyrinth

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