Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Fantasy Art of Computer Games - Born into Darkness

Born into Darkness 000

Hi Everyone!

We've added a small gallery of scenes from the hidden object game Born into Darkness.

Born into Darkness is a hidden object game that is themed around Christian mythology, European legends, and sexy vampires. The artwork is not as fantastic as the means to access secret areas and hidden objects.

Instead of the usual hidden object game setup where locations are littered with meaningless clutter and you have to sift through them to complete a usually equally meaningless list of objects, in Born into Darkness you have to look for a sequence of objects or object parts that play a role in advancing further into the story (usually to unlock or uncover hidden areas).

Often the objects you find or interact with have a deeper symbolism with the myths that the story draws upon, and invariably the characters will make a comment about the items, referencing either history or mythology. In this way, the game presents interesting trivia throughout, and the combined experience makes this game stand out from the others of its kind.

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