Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Fantasy Art of Spellforce 2 - Dragon Storm

Misty Island settlement coastal defense 11

Hi Everyone!

We finished playing Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm in mid-December, and for now are done with our Spellforce 2 section. We'll probably not play the free-play campaign, and instead move on to something else. We're hoping to finish off Space Siege quickly (maybe some media, but no screenshots as the game angles aren't that great, and even with improved anti-aliasing, the models didn't turn out so great in-game, plus the incredible lag caused... not worth the time and the early stages of the game haven't looked particularly good anyway).

Meanwhile, check out the latest screenshots of the locations and cutscenes -- including the end game in King Ulf's Palace (but beware of spoilers!). We've got some commentary on our Spellforce 2 gameplay experiences in our personal blog as well.

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