Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Fantasy Art of Oblivion - Faces

Hi Everyone!
We're finally starting on Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! Obviously, it's been years since the game was released, but now is actually a good time to start playing it. Not only has hardware caught up quite a bit, but there are some very good tools and mods to enhance your playing experience -- and these continue to be developed and released. All in all, the same story as Morrowind -- this game that looked great when it came out now looks and plays even better thanks to community content.

For the moment, we've put together a gallery of a couple hundred faces generated by Oblivion's character (face)generator. If you need to draw a face but can't, it's an awesome resource. It lets you tweak things like nose length, distance between the eyes, chin tilt, aging,... The combinations are endless, so we've just grabbed a bunch of randomly generated ones to let you see some of the range possible.

If you are curious about Oblivion, you can check out the game world with this handy utility.

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