Saturday, September 26, 2009

Site Overhaul (mostly) Done

Hi Everybody!

Just wanted to thank you for your patience while we overhauled the "look and feel" of our site. We hope it is now cleaner and less cluttered, and easier to navigate.

The overhaul is essentially done: All the game pages have been restored, and in many cases restructured, and some new content even added to older pages.

From this point on, we're back to adding games, but there are still a few outstanding issues:
  • Updating the browse by subject page: We're thinking of adding artist's links and making it a true art directory.
  • Redesigning the links and gamer pages. At some point we thought of dumping these pages, but they do provide a service, and we also have some link-exchange obligations.

Expect changes to those pages from time to time as we continue to work out just what we want to do with them.
Meanwhile, do have a poke about the new site, and maybe follow a few unfamiliar links in familiar games.

We hope to crunch out some more great artwork soon from some casual games, and in the meantime we're continuing to work on Spellforce 2 -- we're still looking for a great camera cheat break the limitations and bring you awesome screenshots.

Thank you for visiting the Fantasy Art of Computer Games.


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